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For every cyclist meal after a demanding, long and exhausting stage is a very important part of recovery. Arrive to the finish line, efficient bath, a moment of rest and subsequent replenishment of energy, vitamins and minerals ensure adequate preparation for the next day of competition.

Breakfast is a very important beginning of each day. Rich in carbohydrates, supplemented by a sufficient amount of protein breakfast "Allow the battery ", so as to have enough fuel for several hours of intense ride beating more kilometers of mountain trails and technical descents.
Since the beginning of the organization of the race we are trying to meet the needs of participants, offering meals in accordance with the requirements of the "kitchen sports". 
Served meals usually include:
Breakfast: cereal, muesli, milk, yogurt, rolls, bread, jam, cheese, "lean" meats, coffee, tea
Dinner: pasta (different "shapes") - possibly potatoes, meat and vegetable sauces or vegetables, meat and vegetable soups or vegetables, salads, meat, poultry or fish, dessert, juice
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Of course we also serve meals for vegetarians and vegans.