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Highlights section


1. 17 km – a marvellous single track on blue trail, ending with a nice section snaking between the trees (the Classic distance will ride through it twice, but don't worry - no boredom guaranteed). One of the most memorable moments of 2018 edition.

2. 28 km – 4 km of single track on Rybnicki Grzbiet. A segment worthy the best stage race in the world. No matter if you're riding a hardtail or an all-mountain rig with 160mm of rear travel - you forget about all the other things in the world.

3. 43 km (Classic distance) – a cult descent on blue trail to Sokołowsko. Loved or hated. This is a great epilogue of the whole race. Those of you who reach this point can be proud of themselves - even if you'll have to hop of your bike a couple of times. The Mega distance riders, even if they finish on podium, should consider a longer version of our race in 2020 just to ride this piece!