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Highlights section


11 km, pride of the 2018 edition. One of the longest descents in these mountains. Green trail leading from the peak of Czarna Góra to Międzygórze. This year we're extending it with the fragment of blue trail, and the whole section adds up to 440m od denivelation on 4 kms! Good luck with trying to find a similar segment on course of other stage races in Poland, Europe or even in the World!

2. 22 km (Classic distance), a beautiful segment along the ridge leading to Żmijowiec. This year in a surprising form. In the middle a turn right towards Smrekowiec (1123 m a.s.l.). Totally new, virgin and truly mountainous path. This is something that hasn't been seen on a stage race before!

3. 31 km (Classic distance). This is a kind of section that you sign in, pay the entry fee and negotiate with the family for. It's highly probable that this segment will be used only once - not only in our race, but generally in any bike race. But the 15th edition means a lot of sacrifice on our side. Seriously, there's not a lot of things that can be compared to this one.