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Judgement day on Sudety MTB Challenge

The last day of Sudety MTB Challenge, and the sixth in a row without a single rain drop, which probably is a record in the race's history. After demanding stage 4, today the riders encountered even more technical and physical challenges. If someone was questioning the sensibility of using the dropper post in XC bikes, riding the course of the last stage must have changed his or her mind. 
Single track packed, with the biggest number of meters to climb (roughly 10 strenuous climbs covered today!), super technical and super fun. Blue trail single track, the 4km trail on Rybnicki Grzbiet or the 10km trail near ruins of Radosno castle were undoubtedly the highlights of the day. Without a question – this was a queen's stage of Sudety MTB Challenge 2018.

In the SOLO competition we witnessed a very clear display of power by Erik Aagaard, who lost some time yesterday and finished the stage on 4th place, which was unusual for him, as he won all the previous stages. This time he left no space for divagations and won the last stage of the race with a massive, over 7 minute advantage on second Maxim Gosseries (BEACHBIKERS) and third  Sönke Wegner (WORLD OF MTB / GIANT GERMANY). Aagaard secured the victory in GC, for the second year in a row, second place for Wegner and third for Italian Federico Rossi (CINGOLANI BIKE SHOP), who finished 5th today. 

A perfect race for Soyna Looney (FREAKSHOW SCOTT) in women competition. By winning the last stage the Canadian sealed a indisputable domination in the GC. Second place in the general classification for Swedish Sandra Backman (SINGLETRACK SISTERS RACE TEAM) and third for Polish Marta Gogolewska (MERX TEAM WĄGROWIEC). The GC standings reflected the top 3 positions on the last stage in SOLO women category. 

In the TEAM competition the situation was far more unsettled. After DNF of the leading Willier Force team the Russian side AEON SCOTT - LOYALTY POINT had a great chance to take the lead in GC, but with a penalty time for a too big gap between teammates on checkpoints and finish line, they were dropped to the 2nd spot. This opened a window of opportunity for the Poles from MITUTOYO AZS WRATISLAVIA MTB TEAM (Dariusz Poroś and Łukasz Klimaszewski), who finished at second place today and eventually kept the lead in the GC. Dianov and Gordienko (AEON SCOTT - LOYALTY POINT) secured second place by winning today's stage. TEAM WILIER-FORCE (Sven Janssens and Philip Van Hemelen) on third place both on stage as in GC.

No surprises in women category, as the Italian team CINGOLANI BIKE SHOP was the only one who decided to take part in the competition. Congratulations for Nadia Pasqualini and Daniela Stefanelli for taking up the serious challenge of completing the race on CLASSIC distance in 24:33:22. 

In the MIX category a devastating advantage in the GC (more than 3 hours!) of the Russian side CORTO TEAM (Grenavtseva/Grenavtsev) over the second CRANKBROTHERS RACING TEAM from Belgium (Verbeurgt / Michielsens) and more than 5 hours over another Belgian team ECHATLON (De Mey / Fremineur) 

In the Team Masters category a close battle in GC between the first Spanish ALTITUD TÁNDEM SPORTS and secon Italian TEAM CINGOLANI MASTER. The time gap after 6 days of racing between these two teams was less than 6 minutes! Worth mentioning that the time difference on the last stage between Italians and Spaniards was 5 minutes in favor of the latter. Third place for Belgians from HILAIRE XCM TEAM. 

Masters 100 for Spanish BTT TRIATLO LLUÇANES, followed by their countrymen from BUFF LEGEND TEAM 1 and Poles from KUPROWER24.PL. 
On MEGA distance, the SOLO win in men category for Piotr Niewieczerzal (CK SÄVAST), second for Marcin Suchomski (MTB ELDAR ŚWIECIE) and third for Kuba Litawiński (72D Oshee). Lenka Fridrichova (GHOST TEAM) showed a total domination in women category with over 2 hours advantage on second Monika Kulling (KLIF MTB TEAM). Dominika Smyk completed the podium in the general classification.

In the TEAMS, first place in men category for the only competing squad - XBOX BIKE TAEAM (Gerek / Witkowski). MIX for German/American JANDN (Moore / Moore) and second place for TEAM EPIC from Belgium (Van Rossom / Bekkers). 

That's it! The 14th edition of Sudety MTB Challenge goes down to history. It was a pleasure to host the riders from all over the world. Hope you had a great time in Sudety. We've already started planing the 15th edition. The search for new trails starts early autumn – so expect some fresh info around that time. We also plan to cut the logistics even more – more info about this pretty soon! As for now, that's all folks! See you next year!