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Stage 4: it's raining man!

Rain from dusk till dawn, or should we rather say from start to the finish line. Only 55km to cover but,  boy didn’t the riders look tired on the finish line. Once again the Sowie Mountains (Sowa means Owl in Polish) took it’s toll in cooperation with the foul weather.


The favorites didn’t make a big deal out of it though - the winner of today’s stage needed only a hair over 2.5 hours to complete the stage, which translates into almost  a 1 km/h faster average speed than the day before. We’re speaking of the Czech - Josef Havel who won the duel with Rudi van Houts by only 10 seconds. The podium of the stage completed by Mariusz Marszałek (second 3rd spot in a row). The GC leader - Dane Erik Aagaard, came 4th and remained the best overall.

In women category 1st place for Marta Gogolewska who outraced the GC leader Monika Wrona and Vladi Pokobova of Belgium (sitting second overall).


The team classification still dominated by the Russian side AEON - LOYALTY POINT RACING TEAM POWERED BY HOTEL ZAMEK RYN (Gordienko, Dianov), second spot for the Italians of CINGOLANI MASTER TEAM (Paci, Vitali), who also took the win in MASTERS category,  and third for GOMOLA TRANS AIRCO (Wójcik, Smolarz). The Team MIX category won by the CORTO TEAM (Grenatseva, Grenatsev) from Russia.

We don’t want to sound negative, but the forecasts for tomorrow aren’t much better than the ones for today. On the other hand, we know that the riders coming to Sudety MTB Challenge are made of hard materials, and don’t chicken out in any conditions! See you tomorrow on the finish line of the penultimate stage!

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