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The 2018 Sudety MTB Challenge course!

Dear rider,

The time for a showdown has come! We are revealing the complete route of Sudety MTB Challenge 2018! We've been working our tails off to combine three major changes: a) decrease a number of race towns without compromising the trails quality, b) making the shorter distance a six day race, c) combining the best segments in race's history with finding completely new trails. 

The 2018 race will commence, traditionally in Stronie Śląskie and the finish line will be placed in Głuszyca, with only one stopover in Bardo. 
Prologue: Stronie Śląskie
19.6 km
629 m
Stage 1: Stronie - Stronie
70.6 km / 47.6 km
2317 m / 1493 m
Stage 2: Stronie - Bardo
61.6 km / 47.1 km
2017 m / 1469 m
Stage 3: Bardo - Głuszyca
55.2 km / 47.5 km
1981 m / 1604 m
Stage 4: Głuszyca "Ultra"
63.4 km / 43.6 km
2314 m / 1517 m
Stage 5: Głuszyca "Nitro"
62.7 km / 42.4 km
2503 m / 1579 m
As usuall the terrain will be very diversified with all the trail types and surfaces that a mountain biker could ever desire!

The distances may not be very long, but the combination of technical level and elevation makes the race pretty taxing. So it's high time to start your preparation now! 
PROLOGUE: Stronie Śląskie 
DISTANCE: 19.6 km

MTB Challenge in a nutshell. Gravel roads, single tracks, technical descents on the slopes of Czarna Góra, handlebar-wide forest roads, and steep uphill sections on the meads. 19.6 km of a really solid warm up before the efforts waiting for you in the forthcoming days.

1. 4 km – completely new, very demanding technical descent along the green trail from Czarna Góra to Międzygórze.
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STAGE 1: Stronie - Stronie
DISTANCE: 70.6 / 47.6 km
ELEVATION: 2317 / 1437 m

A day with endless single tracks and long uphills. Forest trails around the Czarna Góra and Śnieżnik Pass. A few new bits found by fellow riders and a "long time-no see" beautiful single trail descent on the border of Śnieżna Białka preserve. Something that will surely surprise even the habitues of Sudety MTB Challenge.

1. 26km – 5 km, natural single track on the green trail 

2. 46 km – very long border single track. A good reason to choose a full suspension bike. Smerek summit and a notorious Kowadło (eng. the Anvil) on the way.

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STAGE 2: Stronie - Bardo
DISTANCE: 61.1 km / 47.1 km
: 2017 m / 1469 m

A classic, but significantly modernised stage to Bardo. One of the most picturesque segments of the entire race - the Borówkowa moutain descent in a new, surprising scenery! The final framgent of the stage - a well known "Way of the Cross" - a fast downhill section from Kalwaria mountain.

1. 10km – completely new technical descent from Czernica summit. Almost 1km of DH frenzy! 

2. 34km – classic! A long, technical descent from Borówkowa. A true Challenge must be! In 2018 in a completely new scenery! 

3. 58km – a well known, fast descent from the chappel on the Kalwaria mountai ntop to Bardo. 

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STAGE 3: Bardo-Głuszyca
DISTANCE: 55.2 km / 47.5 km
ELEVATION: 1981 m / 1604 m

The shortest stage, but rich in new bits. First km's will warm you up before the true MTB segments kick in. A ride through the A-Line of Srebrna Góra Enduro Trails is really something else! Add the completely new 1km long single track - the Rymarz - and you really cannot complain on boredom on this transfer stage to Głuszyca.

1. 19 km –  A-Line Tras Enduro Srebrna Góra. Over 3 km (300m of vertical descent) of mad downhilling! Ultra fast single tracks, berms, corners, small drops (yes, there are chicken lines!) 

2. 39 km – Rymarz, the great discovery of 2018 Totally new bit on the Sudety MTB Challenge Route! 1 km of single track on rolling hills in a beautifull surroundings of a mysterious forest.  

3. 46 km – a descent from Mała Sowa, which takes its toll every year. Seemingly easy, but in reality requires constant concentration.

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STAGE 4: Głuszyca-Głuszyca "Ultra"
DISTANCE: 63.4 km / 43.6 km
ELEVATION: 2314 m / 1517 m

A stage in the shadow of Wielka Sowa (eng. the Great Owl) mountain. A return to forgotten trails. For the first time in the race's history the riders will be able to ride down the blue trail from Wielka Sowa. There's going to be a lot of things going on on this stage, but it will ONLY be a prelude to the riders will encounter on the last day.


1 .24 km – technical downhill segment from Woelka Sowa to Stara Jodła. The first time ever on an MTB race. 

2. 36 km – another fresh thing: single track hidden deep in the forest on the top of Grabina. Not very demanding, but very rewarding! 

3. 45 km – a big comeback after 4 years. Well known to Polish MTB racers - a descent from Wielka Sowa. Be careful, it's easy to get in the air on this one! 
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STAGE 5: Głuszyca-Głuszyca "Nitro"
DISTANCE: 62.7  km / 42.4 km 
ELEVATION: 2503 m / 1579 m

The Grande Finale. Dropper post friendly stage! The trails of the Głuszyca MTB Marathon - a legendary race well known to Polish riders. Wide transfer roads limited to an absolute minimum! A stage packed with one-wheel single tracks. You're gonna love it! MTB racing in all it's greatness! 

1. 18 km – a great single track on the blue trail ending with a twisty section between the trees. 

2. 29 km – 4 km of single track on Rybnicki Grzbiet. Impossible not to love. Back to MTB roots! 

3. 43 km – 10 km section that will answer the question: what was mountain bike made for. 3 ascents and 3 descents which you will remember for a long time! Red trail from Andrzejówka, yellow trali from the ruins of Radosno castle and a blue trail from Suchawa and Włostowa mountains. Seriously, it's totally worth to travel a world for this one!
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