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In late July and early August weather in the region of Sudety (viewed 14 years ago, from when we started organizing events) maintains a constant, almost unchanging level. It is dry, sunny, warm, sometimes even hot (temp. 30 C / 86 F).


Mountainbiking in the Sudety Mountains is a bit different from what you find in the Alps or the Pyrenees. In addition to a wide gravel road, no small part is technical singletracks, sometimes easy and pleasant road ends, and then there is a difficult and challenging downhill.

"Blueberry Mountain" downhill, singletrack along the red trail from Śnieżnik, rocky climb to the tower on the "Great Owl" mountain - a flagship sections of our race. Sudety is rich in many areas of unusual objects, such as old bridges or historical, mysterious tunnels. It's a real treasure trove of history, which you can see over the six days.


Four years ago was the most wet edition of Sudety MTB Challenge. During the three stages it was raining, but it was also a little "fling" and an exception to the rule predictable - the sun and favorable conditions for each cyclist.