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Where & When

Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2019
Start Time:

Classic Distance - 11:00 a.m.

LITE Distance - 11:00 a.m.


Classic Distance - 57 km

LITE Distance - 48 km


Classic Distance - 2033 m

LITE Distance - 1653 m

Track GPS:

Classic Distance E3MtbchClassic2019

LITE Distance E3MtbchLite2019

Highest point:

Classic Distance - 1015 m asl

LITE Distance - 1015 m asl

Difficulty (1 - 6): ☆☆☆☆
Stage Description: The evergreen. A "replay" of the 2018 stage with subtle revisions. Those of You, who were here, are already grinning. The ones, who have not been here before now have a chance to make up for this "mistake". It's good to have your bike carefully serviced the night before. After a mad ride down the C-Line, the Classic distance will have a chance to taste a completely new, beautiful single trail uphill section on the E-Line of Srebrna Góra Enduro Trails Park. This is really something else, no way you're not going to love it. The LITE distance will face a true mountainous challenge - you will have to sweat a lot to earn your Finisher t-shirt. 
Feed Stations: Classic: 1. 17 km   2. 41 km   LITE : 1. 17 km  2. 32 km 

START line - Classic, LITE distance (Bardo), Google Map

FINISH line - Classic, LITE distance (Gluszyca), Google Maps

BASE CAMP & BIKE PARK (Gluszyca) Google Maps


* After the 2nd stage (30 July 2019), from 18:00 - 21:00 we will pick up the bikes at the Base Camp & Bike Park in Stronie School and transport them to Bardo - the starting point of stage 3 (all bikes will be properly secured for transport)
* Before the 3rd stage (July 31, 2019), at 08:00 - departure of buses from Stronie Śląskie to Bardo (collection points: hotels & base camp)
* Bikes pick up (before stage 3) from school in Bardo on 31/07/2019 between 08:00 and 10:30
* On 31/07/2019, before the start of stage 3 (on the route from Stronie Śląskie to Bardo), each competitor has guaranteed transport including his/her luggage. The departure of buses from base camp and hotels will take place at 08:00 sharp.

START line - STAGE 3, distance CLASSIC, LITE 

FINISH line (timing) - STAGE 3, distance CLASSIC, LITE